Suncrash Blog

Dev Diary: Designing Endgame Equipment

6 April, 2018

Another peek into full release content and into our design and thought process. This time - endgame weapons, armor and other equipment.


Dev Diary: New Professions

23 March, 2018

As full release approaches, we expose some of the new content that will be added, starting with the new survivor professions.


Dev Diary: Traders

15 March, 2018

In our second development log we tell you all about the Traders in Judgment, the problems we had with this feature, and how we solved them.


Update 15.1 - New Level-up System

14 February, 2018

While 15.1 is not considered a major update, the new level-up system is a huge change to what we had previously, warranting immediate release instead of waiting for more changes to accumulate.


Judgment Update 15 on Steam - "The Demons"

19 January, 2018

The demons update includes more polish and ease-of-life work in addition to improvements to tactical combat making demons more unique requiring better tactics to handle and a rework of the trading system.


Dev Diary: Health and Healing

4 January, 2018

This blog post is the first in a new segment of developer diaries, where we hope to give you insight into upcoming features, changes, and mechanics. In this post we'll talk about survivor health and healing.


Judgment Update 14 on Steam - "The Neighbors"

8 November, 2017

Update 14 is available on steam and includes a new neighboring settlements mechanic, re balancing of skills, many new combat maps and more.


Judgment Update 13 on Steam - "The Traders"

8 August, 2017

Other than the new Trader's mechanic, this update's main focus was polish. A very large portion of the changes introduced were inspired by player feedback and suggestions. We tried to improve the most annoying parts of the game, improve usability, and make the whole thing smoother. There are also a few new mechanics, a bit of new content, graphical improvements and many bug fixes.


Judgment Update 12 on Steam - "The Explorers"

24 May, 2017

In this update, The world outside your base has become a colorful, bloody world with many different biomes, all full of demons, destruction and loot. Everything else in the world has changed as we have re-balanced the game from scratch. New music tracks, improved visuals and much more.