Core Team

Tomer Barkan

CEO & Lead Developer

A Gamer and a programmer since the age of seven, Tomer is an experienced software engineer that decided to leave his day job and pursue his lifelong dream of making video games.

Tomer has worked for successful software company Tufin Technologies for seven years; He began working there then they had less than 10 employees, today they have well over 200. He held lead development and product management positions, learning a great deal about the makings of a successful startup. This knowledge is now being used in running Suncrash.

Yoni Wisner

Art Director

With over 10 years of experience as a professional computer graphic artist and a lifelong passion for video games, Yoni is the perfect fit for the role of Art Director.

Yoni brings his visions to life designing and creating all the visual aspects of Suncrash's games.

Harel Eilam

Game Designer & Marketing

Harel has been involved with the gaming industry since 1999 as a journalist, analyst, and game designer, working on the Master of Orion game series, producing Dungeons and Dragons content and serving as Calcalist Senior Gaming correspondent for 7 years.

When he isn’t working at Suncrash on exciting ways to kill survivors, he is the lead game designer of the award-winning total-conversion mod for Stellaris - Star Trek: New Horizons.


Alon Kaplan

Composer and Sound Designer

Alon is an experienced composer and sound designer for films, video games, theater and multimedia.

In the past few years Alon has worked on music and sounds with companies such as, Samsung, Side-Kick, Compedia, Product Madness and BabyFirstTV. Alon composed for more than 40 films and more than 50 video games in a wide variety of genres and platforms.

Rick Gush

Game Designer and Story Writer

An active party game designer and musical comedy playwright in the days before computers, Rick later switched to designing and writing for computer games. Best known for his work in the 90’s with Westwood Studios on hits such as Dune II and The Legend of Kyrandia, he has enjoyed working with many different teams in his long career and still enjoys contributing to the efforts of his friends in the industry.

Between tending his garden and working with other, larger game studios, Rick writes the main campaign story for Judgment.

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