Announcing Dream Engines: Nomad Cities

9 May, 2019

Survivors, we’re proud to announce our next game - Dream Engines: Nomad Cities

In its base, Dream Engines: Nomad Cities is a survival city builder. You will have to build a city from scratch in a wacky nightmare-infested world and defend it from terrible creatures. What really makes this game special is that the cities you build are nomadic. They can - and must - fly in order to survive. Resources are scarce and dangers are vast, the only way to stay alive is to keep moving.

Check out our announce trailer on Youtube.

Dream Engines is inspired by classics such as Caesar and Cleopatra, as well as newer titles such as They are Billions and Factorio. These all provide inspiration, but Dream Engines is significantly different than these games and creates its own unique experience.

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Development Progress

Dream Engines is still relatively early in development. We spent a lot of time in pre-production testing our concepts and designing our visuals. Our focus in the last few weeks was mostly on getting the game ready to capture the trailer footage.

Most of the core mechanics are implemented - construction, production line simulation, economy, unit control, defense, exploration. The world-travel mechanics are still missing (the mechanics that allow you to relocate your city), a lot of polish (including UX and UI design), and content - before we can release the Early Access version of the game. We can’t commit on a date just yet.

Now that we have made the game public, we will start posting regular updates in our social media and on the game's Steam page. We hope you enjoy watching the game come together.

Judgment Update

As promised in our previous post, now that we’ve reached this milestone of announcing Dream Engines officially, we will get back to working on the next update for Judgment - the desert survival update.

Judgment is now our top priority again, for the near future. We will review all your latest feedback, decide on what goes into our next update, and finish the development of the desert survival scenario.

We appreciate your patience, and hope that it will be worth the long wait. Stay tuned for more information soon.

Once again a big thank you to all of you who supported us along the way. We couldn’t have gotten to where we are without you.